Thursday, July 9, 2009

(Don't) Walk This Way

Does this only happen to me? Everywhere I go…I’ve noticed when walking towards oncoming pedestrians, I am always the one to have to slide over, or off the sidewalk, to make room for them. And, it’s usually more than one person walking towards little ol’ me. Why do I have to move? I’ve decided…I’m not doing it any more.

So, today I tried this out. While shopping alone at Target, two people with a buggy were walking towards me. On a side note, need I remind you that the rules of the road carry over to walking down an aisle at target, or through the mall? STICK TO THE RIGHT! Geez! Anyway, so I’m walking towards these people. I’m as far over to the right as I can be, without knocking things off the shelves with my hand-held carrier. They continued to walk head-on towards me…nope, I was NOT moving….and, apparently, neither were they! Their buggy hit my elbow…and they had the nerve to laugh, look at me like I was in the wrong, and say to each other “you’d think she’d have slid over!” WHAT?! I was not in the wrong, ladies, you were!

I am now on a one-woman mission to end crazy pedestrianism!! I will not move over for you…and I refuse to walk on the left…if that’s they way you want to live-move to Europe!

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