Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans...

I am a fan of the skinny jean. While I don’t own any, because I DO own a mirror, I think they are adorable on about 2% of the population. The rest of us..."Just Say No!"

One of my pet peeves, (and, yes, I know I have many), is the skinny jean that just can't quite stay up. How is that even possible? Isn't the skinny jean, by definition, skinny? Meaning, tight? How, then, is it even possible for it to slide down. I had a theory on this. It must be that people are buying skinny jeans too small. (By the way, are there sizes for skinny jeans? Or one size, skinny, fits all?) However, this theory was proven wrong the other day. I spotted, a rare breed, a very skinny girl sporting skinny jeans. At first glance, I thought, "Cute!" But, as she passed, I noticed that the skinnies were falling off. Now, I'm baffled! Maybe people are wearing their skinny jeans too much without washing in between. I mean, we all have at least one pair of pants that continues to get larger as we wear it.

So, now, I'm forced to add this to my list of "No-No's!" The skinny jean that won't stay up. I think I shall call this fad the skimpy skinny. Or, if you have a better name, I'm game...

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  1. I am adamantly anti-skinny-jean. Anything that only looks good on 2% of the population should not be a fad—it only leads to bad things (like lowrise jeans and muffintops).

    (This is Rebecca, by the way! Keep blogging and snarking on fashion victims, please! It's fun.)